Pascale Duhamel

Adjunct Professor, University of Ottawa
Ph.D. Musicology, University of Montreal
Postdoctorat Licence, Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies (Toronto)
Postdoctorate, Institut de Recherche et d’Histoire des Textes (Paris)
Medievalist and musicologist, Pascale Duhamel teaches at university levels since more than a decade, during which she taught in France, Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. She has also lectured in several European countries, United States and Canada. In addition, she has worked since 2002 in the area of scholarly publishing.


Her research interests focus on how music integrated the medieval society, on mental and intellectual habits of music theory, and the disciplines and organization of medieval universities. Her highly interdisciplinary approach led her to become a cultural historian, and therefore is interested in many other disciplines as part of her research, such as history of science, history of art and history of philosophy. She regularly publishes in her areas of specialization.


Pascale Duhamel is convinced that culture enriches many aspects of our lives. Intellectual and cultural curiosity and thirst for knowledge make life interesting and fun, by deeply enriching our experiences of life, art and society. They allow us to move beyond opinions and prejudices, and thus to meet with others, in a world where cultural mixings are increasingly important. They also enhance our skills in reading, writing and analysis, which then allows us to decode political, economic and cultural discourses, which often builds on fears, prejudices, and disputable facts and arguments. Intellectual and cultural curiosity and thirst for knowledge therefore contribute to become better citizens and better humans.

That is why she aims in her teaching to give students the skills to succeed in their academic studies, but also to pass on to them the impulse and the tools to understand and all into question their world. By doing so, students will not only succeed in their studies, but they will be able to get the maximum skills and enjoyment of learning ; which will lead them to stand out in all their future endeavors.
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Moreover, Pascale Duhamel has trained in Gregorian chant, founded the vocal ensemble Scholastica and holds a horticulturist’s diploma. She sees herself essentially as a humanist.