Humanisme 3.0 offers high standard editorial services to scholars and graduate students in the fields of arts and humanities.

Scholars and graduate students have increasing responsibilities, while they have less and less time to fulfill growing editorial requirements.

Humanisme 3.0 specializes in a full suite of services:

Copy-editing (French), and structure revising (French, English)
Revision of references (French, English)
Conforming to style guides (French, English)
Page typesetting (French, English)
Writing (French)
Index and bibliography creation (French, English)
Ready-to-publish documents (French, English)
Proofreading (French, English)
Project follow-up, ex. : proceedings (French, English)
Short text translations (English to French)

If you need similar services, do not hesitate to contact us and ask about them.

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About the editor

Pascale Duhamel holds a Ph.D. in musicology and two postdoctoral degrees in medieval studies. She is herself a scholar publishing in her fields of specialisation.

Pascale Duhamel is proud to provide scholarly editorial services of high quality. Thanks to her scholar’s training and activities along to her strong experience in scholarly editing, she is an expert in the field of editing and publishing specialized research. She is thoroughly familiar with both the various requirements of the editorial environment (typography, layout, language, etc.), and the requirements of high-level research. Therefore, she distinguishes herself by a deep concern for language quality, as well as for quality of references, bibliographies, footnotes, endnotes, and missing references. She constantly aims to achieve impeccable editorial work.